The Church and the Human Rights (10 December 1974)

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The Church and human rights. Pontifical Commission "Justice and Peace," 1975. Second Edition 2011.

The Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace is pleased to present the second edition of "The Church and Human Rights", published in 1975 by what was called the Pontifical Commission "Justice and Peace."

The new edition, in electronic file and downloadable from this site, intents to give an opportunity to all experts and researchers, and to all those who deal with human rights, to have access to this important instrument for study and reflection, which is no longer available.

The purpose of publishing, then as now, is to be not “a directive nor an official .guide. Neither does it set out the goal for the work of National Commissions. Rather it is a starting point, raising questions, stimulating research, suggest-ing activities and offering doctrinal and theological reflection. Granted the diversity of local situations, this paper can perhaps help National Commissions in the work which they have already undertaken with such dedication and insight. It can offer them new impetus as they fulfil their task of bringing Christians, as per-sons and as community, to a greater awareness, of informing their consciences and of committing themselves with greater zeal to respect and promote the fundamental rights of the human person in society” (Foreword, pag. 6) .