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22 May 2015


Card. Peter K. A. Turkson, President PCjP

Hon. Olimpia Tarzia, President WWALF

Prof. Maria Giovanna Ruggieri, President UMOFC


1st panel : Women as agents of change

  • Anthropology of women and modern culture. Semantic changes in the basic terms of reference

Dr. Marta Rodriguez, Director of the Institute of Higher Studies on Women, Pontifical Athenaeum “Regina Apostolorum” (Spain)

  • Women’s role in Education today

Prof. Maria Grazia  Vergari, Vice-President of Italian Catholic Action (Adults Sector) (Italy)

Dr. Rita Moussallem, Co-Director of the Focolare Movement’s Centre for Interreligious Dialogue (Lebanon)

2nd panel: New millennium slaveries

  • Life and procreation: technology and the issue of surrogacy

Hon. Olimpia Tarzia, President WWALF

  •  Human Trafficking

Dr. Kevin Hyland OBE, Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner (UK)

Prof. Anne Leahy, past-Ambassador of Canada to the Holy See and associated Professor to the Religious Studies Faculty at McGill University (Canada)

3rd panel: Women and Work

  • The protection of girls and women in domestic work and in manufacturing

Dr. Amelita King-Dejardin, ILO Domestic work Specialist  (Philippines)

Dr. Valentina Franchi, FAO Gender and Development Specialist “Social Protection” Division (Italy)

Dr.  Rosaline Nkganku Menga, President of WUCWO Coordination Africa (Cameroon)


23 May 2015

I° atelier - Human Ecology and women’s dignity  (SDGs: Goal 3 and Goal 5)

Best-practice: Dr. Wilma Carvalho, Professor at Sains Malaysia University and KLE Society India – Family Medicine Department (India)


II° atelier -  Education and Work  (SDGs: Goal 4 and Goal 8)

Best-practice: Dr. Rogelio García Contreras, associated Professor at St. Thomas University, Houston (Mexico) and Dr. Carmen Parra, Director of the "Catedra de Economia Solidaria"  at Abat Oliba University of Barcelona (Spain)


III° atelier -  Poverty and environment  (SDGs: Goal 1-2 and Goal 7-11-12-13-14-15)

Best-Practice: Sr. Loloahi Tautalanoa and Sr. Malia Nive Kepu, Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary (Tonga)  


 IV° atelier - Peace and Development (SDGs: Goal 16 and Goal 17)

Best-practice: Prof.Carol Cooke Eid, nun of Deir Mar Musa, Professor at the Pontifical   Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies, PISAI (Lebanon)