20 May 2021



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Laudato si' research institute, Oxford

PERMANENT EVENT. This online Diploma in integral ecology takes place over 8 months. 

Socio-environmental issues have emerged strongly in the global public sphere and, more recently, in Latin America. The cross-cutting nature of the environment with respect to the various areas of individual and collective life makes it difficult to address it effectively from specific actions or from management units that are not designed to respond to this cross-cutting nature. If we add to this the entrenchment of certain economic-political power structures, as well as complex socio-economic and cultural inertia, it is possible to approach an understanding of the causes of the failure of global environmental governance to slow down or halt (let alone reverse) the dominant development trajectory, which puts us on a collision course with the planet's ecological limits. An effective approach to the socio-environmental predicament in the contemporary plural world requires a comprehensive understanding of these cross-cutting issues, as well as of the history, current state of affairs, and future options and prospects of environmental governance.

In an innovative way in a hyper-specialised and fragmented academic landscape, this study programme offers a global and integrative perspective of these dimensions, with innovative content based on the global knowledge frontier, through a variety of pedagogical techniques and personalised accompaniment. The Diploma in Integral Ecology has also developed a wide network of institutions ("partner organisations") and people committed to the transformation towards socio-ecological sustainability, thus offering a platform for articulation and exchange both to academics and to those involved in practice in the various spheres of social, political and cultural activity, as the diversity of our students' profiles testifies. It is also the first fully virtual programme of its kind, offered simultaneously to all the universities that make up the University Network for the Care of the Common Home (RUC) and to interested external universities, thus facilitating the exchange of knowledge, teachers and experiences. This contributes to the professional development of teachers and the internationalisation of the participating universities.